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Edit shortened URL does not work

On the page for managing archived links there is a edit button that looks like it should allow you to edit the shortened URL but clicking the check mark to confirm the change only makes a loading animation appear and does nothing else. Tested on IE 11 and Chrome 41.


Official comment


Oops... it looks like this feature slipped into our production environment a little too soon. In our next update to (in the next couple of weeks) we will be including some new features, one of those is the ability to Edit an existing link which is what you are seeing here.

This will allow you to change the custom key word on any existing tr.immed links you have by clicking the Edit icon. Of course at the moment that is not going to work as it should but you can expect it to be able to do that in a couple of weeks once we release our next update!

Thanks for pointing out this to us! If you have any other feedback about then we'd love to hear it!!

Ross Peetoom
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