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There is a link that leads to a phishing website hosted on your server, PLEASE TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY!

Dear all,

Cardholders from International Card Services have received fraudulent e-mails.
The link in this e-mail is being used to lead our cardholders to a phishing website. The link that is hosted on your server is:

The IP-adress that is involved with this link are:

Please take immediate action to terminate this link!

The link in this e-mail is used to forward our cardholders to a phishing website. This phishingwebsite is fraudulent and the name of International Card Services, Visa or MasterCard is misused. We as International Card Services are an example of an issuer of VISA and MasterCard.

This e-mail will also be forwarded to our legal department.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

Yours faithfully,
International Card Services

R. Meulenhoff | Fraud Detection, Loss & Theft
T +31 20 6 600 648 | E

Postbus 23225, 1100 DS Diemen | KvK 33.200.596


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