What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of online advertising for re-engaging customers who have previously interacted online with your brand. 

With TR.IM’s retargeting features, you can easily add retargeting pixels from 3rd party platforms and create your own custom audience for future advertising campaigns. It allows you target the most loyal and engaged audience with relevant ads and win more customers!

 Retargeting: How does it work? 



For example, a sports company leverages TR.IM to track link clicks and retarget those who have shown interests. If the audience has clicked a link of sports shoes yet left without any transaction, he or she may see the relevant sports shoes ad when browsing other platforms, reigniting the consumption desire and nudging him or her to take action. Then, the company can convert audiences into real customers and generate more sales.  


For further information on pixel, please read the following article: What is a Pixel?.

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