Vanity Domain Changes - May 4th 2019

We have made important changes to affecting vanity domains.  If you have one or more vanity domains configured in you must update your domains DNS settings to point to the new IP address of before May 4th 2019.
If you do not update your vanity domain DNS settings before May 4th then any vanity short-links you have created will stop working.
Who is affected by this change?
This change affects everyone who has configured and verified a vanity domain in  If you have set up a vanity domain in Trim please read on and make sure you understand the changes you will need to make. If you have never set up a vanity domain or don't know what one is then check out our guide to vanity domains to understand more.
What exactly do I need to change?
If you configured a vanity domain before May 2019 you would have set an A record and a CNAME record for your domain similar to those shown below:
Old values
Host Type Value A record
www. CNAME
You will need to change the IP address in your A record to  The CNAME entry will not change.  Here is an example below:
New values
Host Type Value A record
www. CNAME

Remember! DNS changes can take 24-48 hours to propagate.


Other useful FAQs
Q. Where do I make this change?
The above DNS changes need to be made at your domain registrar, i.e. GoDaddy,,, etc or wherever you manage the DNS zone for your vanity domain.
You do not need o make any changes inside your account at all although we do recommend testing your vanity short links after you have allowed your DNS changes time to propagate.
Q. What happens if I don't change my DNS records?
If you do not update your domains DNS A record to point to then you will no longer be able to shorten links with your vanity domain in  Furthermore, from May 5th 2019 all previously created vanity short links will stop working until you have made the above DNS changes to your domain.
Q. If I make the change before 4th May 2019 will my existing short links still work?
Yes, if you are reading this article before the 4th May 2019 then we recommend you update your DNS records today.  Your vanity domain will continue to work and all previously created vanity short links will continue to function without any disruption.
Q. Can I make the change after the 4th May 2019?
If you did not update your vanity domain's DNS records prior to 4th May then you may have noticed your links have stopped working.  If you make the above DNS changes now to your domain this will allow you to continue to use your vanity domain and will also allow your previously created vanity links to redirect correctly again.
Please allow 24-48 hours for your DNS changes to propagate.
Q. Why is this happening?
Unlike other URL shortening services is 100% free for all features.  In order to keep it this way we are migrating our service to some new host servers so we can continue to offer the great ans 100% always free service we provide.
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