How to report a malicious link support takes responsible use of extremely seriously. We have no control over what content our users publish and this means that unfortunately, from time to time, our service is misused to produce malicious content. We are constantly striving to keep the internet free of malicious content, so that our fantastic free shortening tool - alongside the super shortened links that you are trimming - can be enjoyed by everyone. 

How do I report a link?

If you come across a malicious link please send an email to Make sure that you include the shortened link within the email so that we can deal with it. 

What do you mean deal with it?

As part of our above mentioned commitment to keeping our service free of malicious links we will block all offending links, and suspend the owner of the account in question, within 2 hours (in the vast majority of cases) of receiving an email at

The next time the offending link is clicked on, users will be directed to the following warning message.

I've received a malicious text message with a link to my mobile phone will never, ever send you sms text messages. Please contact us with details of the malicious link so that we can take care of it. You will also need to speak to your phone or network provider about the unsolicited text message.

What other measures does take to prevent malicious links? has had a phishing removal SLA of 12 hours. Alongside this, we also have our own internal learning mechanism that learns from past phishing/spam links to prevent them from being added to our system. We continue to employ time-based and IP-based link shortening rate capping to best block robotic traffic and link creation, which has been furthered with the strong captcha-style box you see when trimming a link.

Furthermore, we have been working closely with WebSense to add an additional layer of protection. We also continue to integrate against the Spamhaus blacklist service to prevent blacklisted domains and IPs from being hosted on We additionally continue to integrate with Google Safe Browsing and PhishTank.


Thank you for your assistance with malicious links. Together we can endeavour to make the internet a better place for everyone.

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