Custom Keyword Editing

When you create a link, a 5 or 6 letter word will be added after the domain by default. You can change this hash for something more meaningful when creating the link.

Custom Keyword Creation

To create a custom trimmed link, log into your free account, enter the URL you want to trim and your custom keyword.

After clicking the TRIM URL button the URL will be shortened and put onto your dashboard; ready for you to share and to start collecting analytic data.

You can edit a link you have previously saved and still maintain the destination link and any analytic data already collected.

To edit a saved link

On the dashboard click on 'edit' for the trimmed URL you want to change. 

You will then be able to update the keyword and when you are happy with the change click the blue 'save' button.

And you're all done!

Your link has now been updated with your fantastic new custom keyword! 

And the great news is that your old custom keyword URL will continue to work as well; forwarding people and collecting analytics. So there is no need to go back and republish your new link again, unless you want to of course! 



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