Why is my account blocked?

We take a variety of measures to ensure that Tr.im is free from spam, phising attacks and other offensive content. Tr.im is an fantastic free service and we endeavour to maintain it as a positive tool for everyone to enjoy.

We take all reports of malicious links incredibly seriously. If your account is associated to a malicious link then, when the subsequent link was blocked, your account will also have been locked.

If you feel that your account has been wrongly locked then send us an email to support@tr.im from the email address you have associated to your Tr.im account, and we will investigate.

NOTE: If you have not used Tr.im for a while your account may have been locked as a result of a verification process put into place in early July 2015. Users who did not respond to a verification email within a few weeks had their accounts locked. We accepted all requests to unlock accounts until the 1 August 2015. However, after this date, any users with locked accounts due to non-response to the verification email will remain as such.  We will not be not be able to reactivate these blocked accounts.


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