API Documentation Introduction

Important: Tr.im API is in Beta

The Tr.im API allows you to integrate with 3rd party applications to encode long URLs into shortened URLs. Enjoy all of the benefits that Tr.im brings with detailed real-time analytics across a simplified dashboard.

This introduction details some important information and credentials that you will need for API integration. Follow this by reading our subsequent sections



The following information must be taken into consideration for successful integration:

Each request should contain “x-api-key” header. API key is generated automatically for each user(table “users”, column “api_key”),

Each request should also contain “Content-Type: application/json” header,

Request content should be valid JSON.



Use the following credentials for API integration:


email: Email registered to Tr.im 

password: Password registered to Tr.im ***********

api_key: see our guide on the API Key Field to find out how to locate your API Key in Tr.im.


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