How do I archive a link

Reduce clutter and keep your dashboard nice and organized by archiving any of your shortened URLs. Archiving does not delete your link and will not stop to collect analytics for it, so should you wish to work again with your link at a later date simply chose to unarchive it and it will return to your dashboard.

How to archive a link  

To archive a link simply head to your dashboard and click 'Archive' below the link you wish to archive. The link will instantly disappear from the dashboard.

Where are my archived links?

Your archived links can be found in the 'My archived links' section of your account. Find 'My archived links' in the menu drop down located in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

How do I unarchive a link?

The 'My archived links' section shows you all of your archived links. To unarchive a link simply select the 'Unarchive' button.



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