Tagging Links

Tagging is a great way to organize your links on Tr.im. It allows you to easily search, filter, and group together links for a greater insight into the analytics. This article explains how to tag your trimmed links and then how to go about filtering them. The article also explains what analytic information you can expect to find for each of your tagged links.

How to tag trimmed URLs

To add a tag to any of your links, click on the 'Edit' button beneath the desired shortened URL in the dashboard. 

In the editing window you can enter as many tags as you would like for your link. Separate tags with commas. Click the blue 'Save' button when you've finished.

Once tags have been saved for a particular URL they will appear on the dashboard underneath the address for the long link.  

To add more tags or delete those that you've created click on the 'Edit' button to be taken back to the 'Link editing' page. 

Search results can be filtered by tags in the Analytics section. Be sure to check out our guide on Tr.im statistics for information on the wealth of analytic information provided by Tr.im.

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