How do I set up a vanity domain in

What is a vanity domain? gives you the option to customize your shortened URLs with a custom keyword. Long cumbersome links become something far more concise and appealing.

Vanity domains take this customization one step further. Your vanity domain can replace '' in any shortened URL.This allows you to express your brand or content even better.

Turn this - into this - Which one would visitors to your site rather click?

How do I set up a vanity domain?

To get started using a vanity domain simply log in to your free account and complete the following 3 steps:

1) Register a domain name

Register a domain name with an accredited domain name registrar to use exclusively with your vanity domain links.

2) Install Vanity Domain to

To install a vanity domain to your account hover above your profile in the top right hand corner of the dashboard then select the 'Settings' option. Next navigate to "Vanity Domains".

Click the 'Add New Vanity Domain' button.


Type the vanity domain URL you wish to use in and the root redirect URL. This feature sends users to a custom URL if they try to access a link without the custom keyword after the slash. Then click the 'Verify and Save' button.

3) Modify DNS records for your domain

Before verifying your short domain, you will need to update your short domain web hosting (DNS) settings with your domain registrar.

Log into your domain registrar to update your DNS settings; 

  • A record pointing the root of [yourDomainName] to  Some registrars use "@" for the root.
  • CNAME record pointing "www.[yourDomainName]" to ""

Once the DNS changes have propagated, you can return to and click verify to verify and start using your vanity domain.

For a subdomain (such as
Set the CNAME Record for that subdomain to point to When entering your subdomain, enter only the portion before the first dot. For example, with you would just type 'on'.

Additional Web Hosting DNS Change Help Resources:


TIP - The DNS settings can take time to propagate, this time can be reduced by changing the TTL amount to be as small as possible. One simple check to see if the changes have propagated is to ping your domain name and verify that the IP address is the same as the instructions above.

Vanity Domains

You can see which URLs have been verified in the 'Vanity Domains' section. Domains can be sorted alphabetically or to show 'Verified First' which makes it easier to check on newly verified vanity domains. 


How do I shorten a URL with my vanity domain name?

Once your vanity domain has been verified and added to your account you can begin to use it to create your customized shortened URLs.

Make sure you are logged in to your account. Select your vanity domain name from the dropdown menu and enter your long URL and custom keyword.






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