What statistics does provide? provides a whole range of useful statistics about what happens to your shared URLs. Next to each link in your dashboard you can find a snapshot of key information, including the total amount of clicks that a specific link has had.

To dive deeper into the world of statistics and get the full scoop on any particular link simply click on the 'Analytics' icon underneath.


With audience statistics you can view clicks on your links over a chosen period of time. 

Shares and Backclicks

Shares shows you the number of times a link has been shared on Facebook or Twitter. Whether you use the Social Sharing buttons or share your link via copy-paste it will be recorded as '1 share'.

Any time that link on Twitter or Facebook is clicked on it is recorded as '1 backlink'.


You can also view your link's all time country level traffic in a convenient, easy-to-read pie chart. A pie that's so nice and colourful it's nearly edible. 

You can download a report for any of the charts by clicking on the 'Export' button.


Traffic Sources

Want a break down of your shortened URL referral traffic by source? No problem. goes one step further and also clearly shows you all time clicks per referrer. 


What's the difference between direct and referrer traffic?

Direct traffic

Are clicks made by users to your trimmed URLs directly. So for example, if a user types in the trimmed URL directly into their browser, which of course they may be inclined to do as it is no longer long or complicated, then this will appear as direct traffic.

Direct traffic also refers to any time your link is pasted onto a social media platform, or when accessed through email, or a word or pdf document.

Referrer traffic

Are clicks made to your trimmed URLs from a post in a social platform.

For example, if a user posts to twitter a trimmed URL this will count as direct traffic. If another user clicks upon that tweet, that click will be referrer traffic.


Clicks per Target Destination

Using the targeting feature your link may redirect to various URLs. A breakdown of these is shown next in the settings section. 


Clicks per Device

The penultimate serving of statistic pie chart in the analytics section of is a breakdown of all of the devices that have accessed your shortened URL.


The last, but by no means least, graph that you can find in analytics is a breakdown of the performance of channels.


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