What is a Tr.im link?

A Tr.im link is the perfect solution to a niggly problem. Let's say for example that we want to post the following link on to Facebook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ2R-C7G5hs. The link is long and cumbersome and has no aesthetic appeal. Users will simply not click it.

This is where Tr.im comes in! Simply copy and paste this confusing looking mixture of domain name, sub pages and numerous variables into Tr.im and create something that is eye catchingly simple and easy to use.

Copy your link into the 'Enter your URL field' on tr.im and add custom keywords to express the content of your link, in our case 'launch', and click 'TRIM'. Voila, http://tr.im/launch as simple as that.


But Tr.im is so much more than that!

A trimmed link provides you with a multitude of valuable information about what happens to your link once it is shared. All of this information is available to you.

For more information please see the Tr.im analytics guides.

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