How do I share a shortened URL

There are three extremely quick and easy ways to share your shortened URLs: Sharing buttons, copy and paste and using a QR reader on a mobile device.

Sharing buttons

The first way to share, is to use the sharing buttons underneath each link. 

Clicking onto the Facebook button opens the 'Share on Facebook' window. Select where you want to post your link and click on 'Share Link' when you are ready.

Please note, for both Facebook and Twitter properties if you are not logged in to your account(s) you will be prompted to do so at this stage.

Clicking onto the Twitter button opens the 'Share a link with your followers' window. Review the information you wish to post and click to tweet. 

Copy and Paste

The second way to share a shortened URL is as easy as copy and paste.

Simply copy your trimmed link from your dashboard and paste it onto Facebook, Twitter or your preferred social media. For info on how to a link please refer to the guide in our help center.

Remember, automatically saves all of your shortened URLs, so if you want to use one that you have previously trimmed just log into your account and select one from the collection on your dashboard.

Once you have your copied you can now paste it onto the social media platform of your choice. No need to clog up your tweets with cumbersome and unappealing URLs. Now content can be shared with tantalizingly short and concise URLs.

QR Code

Your trim link can be shared using QR code. To access this code click on the button to the right of the link and the copy icon.  

Users with mobile devices can access your link by using a QR reader to read this code.

Additionally, you can chose to print off this QR code, or to copy it so it can be pasted wherever you would like.

Did you know?? You can access the QR code for any link by entering the link into your browser with .qr at the end.


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