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Targets is a feature which lets you define a destination the viewers are taken to, based on their device and/or geography. This new feature of allows you to create multiple targets for each trimmed URL under your management.

Why target your trimmed URL?

Simply put, to deliver content on a personalized level based on the viewers geographical location and the device they use.  So now from a single link you can send people in specific countries to landing pages best suited for their region. 

Setting up a Targeted URL

Note: Setting up a target for a shortened URL assumes you have already registered as a user on and created a shortened URL that you want to use for targeting.

STEP 1: From the main page click on the TARGETS link found under one of your shortened URL’s.

Note: If this is the first time you have created a target you will see an easy to use guide describing the steps required. From this view click on Create your first target button

STEP 2: Give the target a meaningful name which will be used to describe the target and make it easy to quickly find.

STEP 3: Paste in the target URL, this is where your visitors who matched this criteria get diverted to.

Note: Here you will be prompted to select whether or not the URL requires a mobile deeplink. Check our our guide on mobile application deep linking for a detailed explanation of what this is and how best to use it. 

STEP 4: In the device field choose an option from the available devices, to choose another device simply keep adding from the options shown. Leave field this blank if you want to include all devices.

STEP 5: In the location field search for the required location by country, state, city or zip code. To choose more than one location simply keep inputting additional locations. Alternatively, leave this field blank if you want to include all locations.

In the top right hand corner of the country field you can find the total population to be targeted.

Note: Use the IS/ISN’T Boolean value to build any number of device/location combinations.

STEP 6: When finished either save the current target or click Add Target to add another.

STEP 7: You can add as many targets as you need to be satisfied in where each type of visitor will be taken, remember if the visitor doesn't meet any of the target requirements they will simply be directed to the original trimmed URL. 

STEP 8: Priority is given to a target list from top to bottom, this allows targets to be created and given priority over other targets. To move a target and give it priority over another target simply click on the left hand patterned edge and drag the target to it's new position.

Priorities can be extremely useful for more granular splitting of the content delivered to your visitors, for example we would like to target all people using PC's and iPhone's but we would like to give different content to those targets who live in a South American country.

To do this we would create four targets, the targets would be created as follows;

  • visitors using a PC from a country in South America.
  • visitors using a PC from any other country
  • visitors using an iPhone from a country in South America
  • visitors using an iPhone from any other country

The targets summary could look like the following.

In this example, anyone clicking the link from Argentina from a PC would meet the conditions of the first target and be directed to the URL. 

Alternatively anyone clicking the link from an iPhone in the USA would would not meet any of the first three target conditions.  They would match the forth targets conditions and instead be directed to

If the person clicking the link does not match any of the target conditions they will be directed to the default URL that was added to your trimmed link when you first set it up.

And you're all done!

Now you are read to copy your targeted link and publish it where ever you choose knowing that your readers will be seamlessly directed to the article or landing page that is targeted to them!


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