How do I shorten a URL and save it in my free account?

Managing trimmed URLs is easy with your account. To save a URL simply log in to your account and paste the link you would like to shorten into the 'Enter your URL' field on your dashboard page. Add a custom key word that expresses the content of your link, or leave this section blank. Click on the 'TRIM' button, and let do all the hard work. will automatically save your shortened URL onto your dashboard page.

To track your shortened link analytics, simply click on the 'Analytics' icon underneath each link in the dashboard table.

Or add a “+” at the end of your link, then paste and launch it in a browser

Why not check out our handy guide to see what useful statistics provides?

How to access your saved shortened URLs automatically saves your URLs so you don't need to go looking for the save button. They are also all stored together on your dashboard page in one easy to manage place.

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