How do I shorten a URL without signing up?

Want to use without signing up? There's a quick and easy way to do so. But... don't you want the benefits of the full experience?

We really recommend that you complete the extremely short registration process. Remember, you're account is 100% free. To do so please see the following document.

If you decide to trim a URL without registering then it is very simple. Head to the homepage and paste the link that you would like to shorten in the 'Enter your URL field.' Select the icon that matches the text in bold, in our example below it's the Balloons. Click 'TRIM'. 

You will then have the option to copy your shortened URL to the clipboard so that you can paste and share your shortened, concise and attractive link.

You can view the analytic information of your trimmed URLs without registering for an account by adding a “+” at the end of your link. Paste and launch the short url with the “+” appended to it in a browser.

For example:

Now you have trimmed URLs but want greater control and management of them? Want the full experience? Find out all the benefits of having a account, and sign up, by clicking here

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