What is Tr.im?

The internet is full of long and cumbersome URLs used to name pages and deliver content. Quite often we want to share information with our individual network of friends, colleagues or clients, but copying and pasting long URLs is a messy business. Moreover, once the share has been made there's no way of tracking what happens to the link. There is a multitude of valuable information lost with each URL shared that isn't tracked. This includes not knowing who clicked on the link, when they clicked on it or from where, and not knowing if anyone else shared the link with their network.

The solution

Tr.im is the perfect URL shortening tool. Tr.im allows you to turn your long URLs into shortened URLs and custom URLs which are easily shared on the web or with your network. But more than this, Tr.im allows you to save and track your trimmed links via Tr.im Analytics, and get your hands on otherwise lost yet valuable information.

Why is this important to my Brand?

Audience Discovery

  • Discover your most untapped social audiences with tr.im links and create new custom audiences.
  • Use vanity URLs to brand your content, messaging, and cross-channel campaigns.
  • Distribute your content to where your audience is. Or even target audiences by location of device to deliver personalized landing pages.

Custom Keyword Short Links

  • Use custom keywords to create awareness for your content.
  • Allow your brand to increase clicks, deliver clear messaging, and offer short, simple URLs.

Tracking & Analytics

  • Use Tr.im to see real-time link metrics, discover your audience, and capture leads.
  • Find out when and where your links were shared through scheduled analytics reports.

How do I trim a URL?

There are a couple of ways to use Tr.im to shorten URLs, and they couldn't be easier. There is the option to trim a URL directly from the dashboard page and share. For better control and visibility on the URLs you trim and share, register for a free account and log in. Logging in gives the ability to save trimmed links and view the statistics.


To trim a URL without logging in simply visit tr.im and in the 'Enter your URL' field, paste the link you would like to shorten. Select the icon that matches the text in bold, in this example case the application asks for the Balloons icon. Click 'TRIM'.


The URL is instantly trimmed and you will then have the option to copy your shortened URL to the clipboard, giving you a quick and easy way of sharing trimmed URLs, the aesthetically pleasing URLs that open up a whole world of valuable user information.

For further information on the tracking and analytic information gathered on trimmed links please see the Tr.im analytics section.


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